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How can I get involved?

Philanthropy is such a funny concept, right? Somehow it became synonymous with money (and usually lots of it). But what a limited view of such a big idea.

Have you ever volunteered for something? Like even just an hour once a long time ago? Have you ever given a dollar to a charity when you were checking out at the grocery store? Have you ever promoted a good cause on your social media?

Well then, you my friend are a philanthropist…you just happen to have a day job.

Storyboard is a new organization on the scene, and our mission is to build the world’s largest community of everyday philanthropists.

We're a platform for discovering and getting involved with local nonprofits, and we do this by telling their stories.

Storyboard partners with local nonprofits, shows up with a camera crew, and captures the incredible stories coming out of these amazing organizations.

Then – and this is the key – we share those stories with our community of everyday philanthropists and give them the ability to volunteer, share, or donate directly through the web app.

Love it. How can I get involved?

Donate to one of our nonprofit partners through a story on our homepage feed.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Sign up to Volunteer with us.

Tell your friends about us. Share this article, one of our social posts, or our website with friends who might be interested in becoming everyday philanthropists as well.

When you're not at your day job – or even when you are – you can help us build the world's largest community of everyday philanthropists.

Get involved today.