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Connecting people to local nonprofits through the art of storytelling.

how it works

Stories move us to action

1. We find and tell stories

Our team collects stories of impact from local nonprofits and shares them on the feed.

Beautiful imagery
Compelling copy
Human focus
2. You engage with stories

Browse the feed, discover local nonprofits, and engage with the stories that move you.

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3. Nonprofits get support

Nonprofits get their stories in front of a larger audience and receive the support they need.

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Spread awareness
our mission

To build the world's largest community of everyday philanthropists

We believe that people are generous, that stories compel us to action, and that nonprofit leaders are too busy changing the world to update a Facebook page.

We believe in the power of storytelling to build communities and contribute to a more equitable society.

We exist to empower individual generosity.

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Our team

Alycia Owens


Alycia is the Founder and Chief Storyteller with ten years of digital marketing and nonprofit experience. Causes that support individuals with disabilities and their families move her. After seven years of letting the idea for Storyboard Co. marinate—and being a little afraid of it—she decided to start the movement she exists to bring to life.

Zach Owens


As the Co-Founder and CEO, Zach is the organizational visionary, providing creative, cultural and strategic direction for the 500+ employees we don’t have yet. Causes that uplift those who are overlooked in society move him. If he wasn’t at Storyboard Co., he’d be changing the world somewhere else. Special skills include brewing the perfect cup of coffee.

Kristen Bakalar

Board Member

Kristen is an author and expert in the human elements of the workplace and a fierce advocate for inclusive workplaces and societies. Causes that end sexual violence, eliminate gun violence and support education move her. Kristen loves chai lattes and believes that Storyboard Co. is the instagram for social causes with potential to heal a splintered society.

Wayne Francis

board member

When he’s not speaking on race or leadership on his Podcast, promoting his new book, or jamming to Hip Hop, Wayne is wandering the streets uncovering the best food in New York City. Causes that serve fatherless and underserved youth move him. Wayne envisions Storyboard Co. as a global influence in the nonprofit space.


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What is storyboard?

Storyboard is a nonprofit that supports nonprofits by telling their stories and providing the technology that enables individuals to join those stories with their time, money or influence.


Volunteer for local nonprofits

Update  calendar
Browse opportunities
Set monthly goals

Donate to nonprofits all over the world

Donate to stories
Set giving goals
Subscribe to $5/mo

Share stories with family and friends

Social media posts
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Frequently asked questions

What percentage of my donation goes to the story?

When you donate to a story, 100% of your donation goes to the nonprofit that story is about. Because we are committed to this, we have to fundraise for Storyboard costs separately.

How do you collect stories?

We send our creative team all over the country to collect stories from nonprofits doing meaningful work. If you would like for us to feature your nonprofit's stories, message us at nonprofits@storyboardco.org.

What is your storytelling process?

We send our creative team to nonprofits to collect stories every month. We take photos and videos of subjects and interview them about their experience with the nonprofit. Then, our copywriters edit the interview and our web designers upload the content to our social profiles, email sequences and our website.

How can I volunteer for Storyboard?

As a nonprofit, Storyboard relies on volunteers to get things done. Highly skilled creative volunteers like photographers, interviews and copywriters are always in high demand, but we also have plenty of opportunities for other skillsets. Visit our volunteer page for more information.

Where is the Storyboard app?

We're currently using social media and email to execute our mission. Sign up for our email list and follow our social profiles to join our mission. We are in the process of planning and fundraising for our future app and web platforms.

Do you charge nonprofits to tell their stories?

No, but our team does have limited resources, so we're not currently able to collect unlimited stories. If you want to volunteer with Storyboard as a photographer, videographer, interviewer, copywriter or web designer, please contact volunteer@storyboardco.org.

What does it mean to be Storyboard Certified?

If a nonprofit wants to feature their stories more frequently on our platform, we can train their team members to collect stories using our innovative process.

Why does Storyboard offer a monthly donation option?

Because 100% of the donations made to a story goes to the nonprofit sponsor, we have to get creative in how we fundraise. In the age of digital subscriptions, we thought this would be an easy way to allow our supporters to help us keep the lights on. The starting monthly donation starts at $5/month. Sign up here.