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We tell your stories to our community of everyday philanthropists, free of charge.

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Three problems we help you solve


Our community is actively looking to volunteer.

Identify interested volunteers
Coordinate volunteer events
Nurture volunteer relationships

Our community sets donation goals

Instant donation button
Habits of generosity
Auto-generated receipts

Our community shares your stories with friends

Instant social sharing
Built-in audience targeting
Shareable story format
how it works

Nonprofit partnerships in three steps

1. We gather stories about the amazing work you’re doing by interviewing and photographing the volunteers and founders of your nonprofit, as well as the people you serve, at Story Sessions.

2. Our creative team curates the photos and interviews on our  feed of stories on social media, our web platform, in our email campaigns, and the app (coming soon).

3. Your story appears in front of our community of people who are ready to donate to, volunteer for, or spread awareness about your organization—all at no cost to you.

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Why we never charge nonprofits

Your stories are our mission, which is why we don’t charge you to tell them.

There are thousands of nonprofit leaders who are doing world-changing work, but the world never hears about it. We believe that people are generous, and that if they heard these stories, they would support you with their time, money, and influence.

We do the work of collecting and curating stories from nonprofits because our mission is to empower individual generosity, and we are building the world's largest community of everyday philanthropists.

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How we vet nonprofits

1. Mission. We support nonprofits that meet basic human needs. Food, shelter, education, community, etc. We don't support political organizations of any sort at this time.

2. Financial responsibility. Our community trusts that their money will be used responsibly, so we have to verify that our partners are worthy of that trust.

3. Local impact. We want to help our users get involved in their communities, so at first, our focus will be on local impact in our key markets—Denver, San Antonio, and NWA—when deciding which nonprofits to work with.

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how it works

Nonprofit partnerships

Story Collection

We'll interview your storytellers (volunteers, people you serve) during a collection session

Identify storytellers
Review stories of impact
Schedule collection session
Story Curation

Our creative team will curate your photos and interview copy for our  story feed

Photo/video edits
Interview copy
Professional storytelling
Story Engagement

Our users will see your story and have the option to donate, volunteer or spread awareness

Stories are promoted
Users  engage
Receive needed support